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Watch the 1973 McLaren M8F Roar Again

Can-Am racing was a glorious moment in North American Sportscar racing. During the 60s and 70s these beasts thundered across race tracks in Canada and The United States. The cars were for all intents and purposes unlimited. Big wings, massive engines it was a golden age in North American road racing. These cars were so incredibly insane that you had to have enormous man parts to drive them fast. Didn’t matter if you were a man, woman or child if you raced these things you were sporting a rather large set. McLaren, Porsche, Lola and Chevrolet were just some of the big names to take part.

Unfortunately Can-Am wasn’t sustainable. The costs of building these cars continued to escalate until it was no longer feasible for teams to go racing. The cars were going faster and faster keeping the drivers safe was an enormous concern. Remember this was the 70’s and the cars were pushing 1000 horsepower. Can-Am was raw brutality once that element was removed it became just another series and eventually went defunct.

However, thanks to classic racing series around the globe these cars do not lay dormant. They roar again thanks to people like Andy Newall. Newall pilots a 1973 McLaren M8F. It is a rolling wing with a 8.8 liter Chevy Big Block. That’s 537 cubic inches for those of you who speak ‘Murican. The M8F chucks out 900 horsepower. In the first video, Andy talks you through the car. In the second he drives it, fast, like God intended.

Source: YouTube

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