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Audi Sells Autonomous Driving With… A T-Rex?

Ok, we get the joke. A Tyrannosaurus Rex can’t do everyday human things because they have very short useless hands. And we have to give it to the Audi advertising geniuses to capitalize on the T-Rex’s shortcoming to help drum up their Audi Piloted Driving program. The program is basically Audi’s version of autonomous driving, and it uses a whole slew of laser scanners, radar sensors, and cameras to get a sense of its’ve been toying with the concept for awhile and has even given the project car the name, “Jack.” The Audi Piloted Driving A7 concept car has been adapted to drive more naturally like a person, like passing trucks with a wider lateral gap and signaling for lane changes by also moving closer to the lane markings first. And now they’ve boldly used a Tyrannosaurus Rex, albeit a mini one, to emphasize how “hands-free” the autonomous driving experience can be.

We’re just curious how the dinosaur would be able to get in the car in the first place, or how it managed to put on a seat-belt, start the car, and close the door. But picking apart the enjoyable commercial would be missing the point.

If you want to see the initial reactions of “Jack,” where it managed to drive 550 miles between California and Las Vegas check out the video below:

(Source: Audi)

Written by Hansen

The engineer amongst the crew, Hansen once built a mini baja car with his bare hands. Hansen had the opportunity to join Honda’s R&D team in Ohio but chose the life of the east coast and the defense industry instead. A die hard auto enthusiast he religiously follows the auto industry and loves long walks in the auto shows.


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