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Clarkson, Hammond, And May Trashes NASCAR

Recently The Grand Tour trio just unveiled the new air date for their highly anticipated motoring show. Let’s just say we still have quite a wait in front of us before we can enjoy their good old rambunctious adventures in the Amazon Prime streaming service. While we wait, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have also been busy drumming up their other other hotly anticipated business venture, Drivetribe. This time the boys talk about an application to be NASCAR’s drivetribe leader. NASCAR having the rare instance of turning right, makes it an easy target for the boys to comment on. Let’s just say they don’t have good things to say about it.

What do you think of the Boys’ thoughts about NASCAR? Agree/Disagree?

In order to watch The Grand Tour, you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription which you can get to from here. Until that moment comes in late November, stay tuned for and click here for our coverage of both The Grand Tour and Drivetribe.

(Source: Drivetribe)


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  1. NASCAR it’s nothing but a demolition derby. I don’t have nothing against the sport. But fuck. Every 10 or 20 laps. Somebody hits somebody and that somebody hits somebody else and becames a chain reaction. And it’s the same crap for 200 laps. There is no fun watching professional drivers getting paid millions of dollars crashing their cars all the time. Like a said before. It’s nothing but a demolition derby.

    • Forgive the rabbit trail rant.

      No technical circuit. Not even actual cars, just tube frame, boring skin and BIG power. The original makers of NASCAR would be rolling in their graves. Yes, I do know that the ol race began with normal cars and a dirt oval and people just doing backyard type stuff; seeing what their normal cars were capable of. Cool…. I’d totally get down on my own backyard race with beater cars, but we’re now talking about sponsors, TV, and way overpaid drivers.

      Oh, how far we have strayed.

      I would DEFINITELY call NASCAR a sport, because it is just that. Meat-heads bashing into each other and rowdy drunken audiences. I wouldn’t call WRC, LeMans, F1, or similar racing types a sport though, probably because America is much less interested in them, and the experience is more refined by nature.

      There is the flip side. If you ever want to let your hair down and go to a BBQ and just relax, knowing nobody cares about your lack of etiquette, rest assured that NASCAR will be on in the “den” as a constant point of entertainment.

      Why aren’t there any Japanese voice-overs of NASCAR? I’d watch for a few minutes.

      TL:DR – European racing makes me feel like more of a gentleman than hick.

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