Focus RS Gets The Hennessey Treatment

The Ford Focus RS has set the automotive world on fire ever since it was announced. 350 hp, 350 lb/ft of torque, awd, drift mode, it is all things to all men. If you ever want to see a car enthusiast go weak in the knees just mention the Focus RS and watch them get all cross-eyed. It might be the most perfect production car ever made. Speed wrapped up in a hatchback’s practicality. It’s the car you buy when you want to fool the wife that you are making the sensible choice but are actually buying a fast fun car. But here’s the actual question at hand, is it fast enough?

RS 01

Well in a word, no. At least according to the wonderful human persons over at Hennessey Performance. They are the living embodiment of the old automotive theory, if some is good more is always better. They have giving more power to just about everything. Mustangs, Camaros, Vipers, Hellcats, and too many more to mention. That’s not even including the Venom GT which might be the fastest thing on 4 wheels. Now they have turned their attention to the Focus RS.

Upgrades Include:

  • Engine management software upgrade
  • High-flow air filter
  • Stainless steel mid pipe upgrade with electronic exhaust dump valve
  • Hennessey exterior badge
  • HPE400 exterior badges
  • Powered by Hennessey under hood badge

Granted this isn’t the full-bore Hennessey treatment by it is still good for 405 hp and 425 lb/ft of torque. Remember, this is still Hennessey, so there will be more. According to their website..

“Hennessey Performance (HPE) will be offering high-performance upgrade systems for the 2016 Ford Focus RS. Our upgrade parts will include: Engine management tuning, air induction systems, intercooler systems, stainless steel downpipes and exhaust upgrades, turbo system upgrades, wheels, tires and more. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.”

So if you are tired of your RS being too slow, not nearly exciting enough do not worry the boys over at Hennessey Performance have your back.

Source: Hennessey Performance

Written by Chad Kennedy

Chad burst from the womb wearing a racing suit and a helmet. Chad's passion for cars is in his very DNA. His father was a gear head and passed on the tradition through owning such classics as a '66 Mustang and a '59 Corvette all while taking him to various race tracks in the area. Chad likes to wrench on his rides whenever possible, forgoing the stealership. Chad is an avid motorsports fan with particular interest in endurance/sports car racing. When not online writing for Shifting Lanes, you can find him working at the local golf course teaching people how to swing or hooning a golf cart at impossible speeds.


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