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Indy 500 Champ Gets Taken For A Wild Ride.

Alexander Rossi won this year’s Indy 500. He has competed in Formula 1. He’s trained in Europe for years to be a race driver. Oh and most importantly he’s American, and he might be the best chance we’ve had at a proper contending Formula 1 driver since Mario Andretti. Or, he may find that being a big star in the smaller pond that is IndyCar more appealing. Either way, Rossi is on the up and coming list.

Which brings me to a pilot, naturally. Not just any pilot, one hell of an insanely good pilot. His name is Kirby Chambliss and among other things he races in the Red Bull Air Race Series. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it is pretty badass. Question is what do these two seemingly completely different things have in common? Why don’t you just talk about a racing boat next?

Well, as luck would have it they both showed up to Indy and took each other for a ride. Yes, that Indy. Given that Indy Cars are single-seater they had to bust out the 2 seater. Rossi does his best to scare Chambliss but he just wasn’t having it. Dude looked calm cool and collected. In contrast, when the tides were turned and Chambliss got to take Rossi for a ride Rossi looked terrified. I thoroughly enjoy watching top motorists share their rides with other people at the top of their style of racing. The mutual admiration and respect is cool, but seeing superstars of their sport completely geek out like we the fans do is pretty awesome.

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