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Rosberg Could Receive An Engine Upgrade Over Hamilton

To ensure he had enough Power Units for the rest of the season (3), Lewis Hamilton took enough penalties that ensured him starting at the back of the grid. His inspired drive to 3rd place made sure he kept his lead in the championship over teammate Nico Rosberg. I don’t care who you are, that has got to be frustrating even if you’re an emotionless robot from Germany. Nico started from Pole while Hamilton started from the back and yet Nico could only best Lewis by 2 positions. Don’t fear Rosberg fans because Nico could be set to receive yet another advantage over his Championship rival.

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Mercedes has 6 engine tokens left to use for the remainder of the season. Which means Rosberg could be getting an upgraded power unit before the end of the season while Hamilton would have to take another grid penalty to use any upgraded unit.

“If we find another additional upgrade that’s going to be only available to Nico, it’s a difficult one, but that’s motor racing,” Toto Wolff told “One season it goes against you, the other season it goes for you. At this stage we haven’t really concluded whether there is enough performance gain in order to upgrade.”

If Mercedes can find additional performance Wolf admitted they would give the engine to Rosberg. Hamilton has already accepted his potential fate.

“They are constantly developing the engines. And there is a possibility that there will be an upgrade later in the year, and I won’t be able to take that. But that’s the sacrifice I’m forced to take. I’ve got to take the engines I have, I have no more. The engine I finished with at the last race might get through the race, but might not. So we’ve had to take on these three engines here, which is definitely better than the engine I had in the last race. I’m confident in fighting with those three.”

8 races remain in the season and Hamilton’s advantage is 9 points over Nico. It is not going out on any great limb to say that gap will more than likely grow before any potential upgraded power unit comes Nico’s way. If one even comes at all. I know F1 is a world of secrets upon secrets with a dash of misdirection. Especially when you talk about the cars themselves. Mercedes could be planning an upgraded power unit in 3 races, could be 4 or they could have no plans to deviate from their current spec until next year. Simple fact is we won’t know until they announce it.

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Either way this has been a fairly eventful season even if the championship fight has only been between 2 men on 1 team for the entirety of the season. It’d be nice if we settled it on track and let the best man win. none of this power unit talk, penalties or what have you. I personally think even if he gets a power unit advantage Nico will find a way to falter. He has shown time and time again this season that when it comes down to it he panics. He was over zealous in his attempt to block Lewis in Spain. Then there he attempted to run Lewis off the track in Austria. Nico spun out while trying to overtake Max Verstappen in Canada. You get the point, anytime Nico really has to put his foot down and drive hard he makes some kind of error, mostly mental. 8 races are left and things can change in an instant. But even at a disadvantage my money is on Lewis.


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