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The Best Tackle in NASCAR History!

Why is NASCAR in all its forms so popular? In a nutshell its simple. The cars are simple, the rules are simple and disagreements between drivers are often handled in an equally simple manner. In other sports (Cough, F1) if a driver is displeased with another drivers actions he will go up and tattle on him to the stewards or the media. A 74 month long investigation will be launched to see if driver a did exceed the track limits by a millimeter at which point penalties will be issued points redistributed and general confusion will ensue. Ok, maybe I exaggerated that a touch. Fact still remains that F1’s ability to hand out post race penalties is rivaled by no one. I love F1 but sometimes you just want them to take a step back and let the boys decide the result on the track.

NASCAR, things are a bit different. Ok, a lot different. I give you exhibit A. At Sunday’s NASCAR Truck race at Canadian Motorsport Park the race came down to the final corner and 2 drivers. I’ll let the video speak for itself but there was some big time beatin’ and bangin’ goin on before the final result was determined. Naturally 1 driver took exception and his reaction was classic NASCAR.

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