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This Is How Controversial Jeremy Clarkson Can Be

It’s no secret that many disliked Jeremy Clarkson when he was in the BBC. He’s the most controversial figure in BBC’s ranks up until he was fired back in March of 2015, for punching a producer over a lack of hot meal. Whether it’s the license plate incident in Argentina, where the Porsche 928’s plate that read H982 FKL might have referenced the war of 1982, or the “slope” comment he made during the “Bridge Over The River Cock” Special, or when he offended truck drivers by making a joke about them killing prostitutes, Jeremy Clarkson is not short of controversy.

An old news clip of Jeremy Clarkson’s comments about striking public sector workers back in 2011 has resurfaced on Youtube and it reminds us just how controversial he can be. Make sure you stick around till the end for the pie in the face.

Now that he’s under the care of Amazon Prime, and that he, Richard Hammond, and James May will have a more free reign over their creative energies, we’re curious just how much more controversial they can be. The difference between then and now is that Jeremy Clarkson and the gang are no longer paid by the public, and when the complaint letters come in about The Grand Tour, Amazon can just easily issue refunds. To get more details about the show and how you can watch it,click here.

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  1. Jesus Christ, these people need to lighten up a bit. If they think that this small bit of humor is vile and upsetting then they should go ahead and hop over to Reddit’s dark humor section. Wanna hear something that would be more upsetting than “joking about suicide?” Let me shoot you a couple.

    What breaks when you give it to a toddler?: Her Hips. (Thanks gudjonak1)

    What’s 10 inches long and can make a grown women scream?: Crib Death. (Thanks Pollic)

    “I don’t understand why we need transgender bathrooms… We already have disabled ones.” (Thanks TheSaintOfAnger)

    You see there are much more fucked up things that goofy Jeremy Clarkson could have said. The fact that the media is getting this much upset over a small bit of humor is God damn laughable.

    Lebron Paul 2016, Big money salvia is my savior.

  2. Nothing controversial about this… Stop attacking this guy for bullshit.

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