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Top Gear Host Situation Becoming Clearer

Top Gear has announced its cast for 2017. Ever since Chris Evans’ exit speculation about the show’s cast has been in overdrive. Who will replace the less than spectacular presenter? Can Top Gear afford another miss on one of its presenters? Who would make a good replacement? Should they be seeking a replacement as opposed to simply sticking with the remaining cast?

It is no secret that Top Gear is at a crossroads. Another lackluster season like this past one could spell doom for the show. The BBC needs to get the cast correct. Well wonder no longer because the BBC has just announced the new cast, and it’s the exact same group minus Chris Evans. Matt Leblanc will host the show with Rory Reid and Chris Harris. Eddie Jordan and Sabine Schmitz will make regular appearances. And it goes without saying, the Stig will also return.

chris harris on cars
Lets not beat around the bush at all. Chris Harris was the star of the new Top Gear. Memo to the BBC, More of him please!

Patrick Holland, Channel Editor, BBC Two says: “I am thrilled that Matt LeBlanc is returning to Top Gear. He’s a huge talent whose love of cars is infectious. I can’t wait for the series to return to BBC Two next year.”

Mark Linsey, Director, BBC Studios says: “Matt was hugely popular with Top Gear viewers last series with his humour, warmth and obvious passion for cars and for the show, so I couldn’t be more delighted that he’s agreed to come back and do more for us.”

top gear extra gear rory reid
Rory Reid went from relative unknown to pleasant surprise.

While some of you may not love the cast yet, you may think it isn’t Clarkson, Hammond and May therefore it isn’t worth your time. The fact is, by not messing with the existing cast apart from Evans’ removal is actually a good thing. For me the number 1 thing holding the new cast back was Evans. I did not like his voice, his style and his general attempt to be some sort of bastard, ginger version of Clarkson. His removal opens up time for Reid and Harris. Those two were arguably the best 2 cast members in New Top Gear. I’m not really sure what Eddie Jordan contributes other than being the creepy older gentleman.

Sabine added some German weirdness to go with her epic driving ability.
Sabine added some German weirdness to go with her epic driving ability.

Say what you will about the cast, I think they have a decent foundation going forward. I think given a chance to build a report they will end up being pretty good. Give them time give them a chance to work together, allow unique their personalities to shine and you just might be surprised at how well they do. Again, this takes time. Top Gear wasn’t the runaway freight train of awesomeness right from the start. Even Lord Clarkson, Lord Hammond and Lord May needed an adjustment period.

(Source: BBC)


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  1. I watched series 23. It was still better than American TG. Evans was just so grating, and he made me feel awkward with his awkwardness.

    My biggest gripe was they tried to be the old top gear but just change it up a little.

    Its like they went overboard.

    We need two guests on the show each week!
    We need to make it a rally cross track!
    We need 6 presenters!

    If I were in charge, I would have changed the format, and make it more about cars and let the new presenters develop.

    Stop trying to be the old Top Gear, BBC!
    You shot yourself in your foot, by firing JC, and now you’re trying to run a marathon in that foot. Just doesn’t work!

  2. I watched 3 episodes, I always give a show three shots, all of the presenters were horrible. I watched TG for many years. I can say, without a full overhaul, I’m done for good with the show. Looking forward to Clarkson, May, and Hammond on Amazon.

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