Watching A 900hp Dakar Truck Drift On A Soaked Goodwood Is Incredibly Satisfying

Every year during the Goodwood festival of speed (FOS) they stage their hill climb and it’s arguably the highlight of everyone’s experience. No where else in the world can you get a McLaren F1 GTR, following an F1 car, following a Studebaker, following, a Ford F150 Raptor, Following a Tuk Tuk, that followed a Lamborghini Miura Roadster. It is genuinely insane the lineups you see there attempting the hill climb. Goodwood itself is steeped in tradition and also has many more spectacles during the FOS. Few, however, are as insane as this.

This Dakar Rally is arguably the most demanding and dangerous race of all time. To just complete it the drivers not only have to have immense skill, but HUGE testicular fortitude. Dakar also has many classes of vehicles from motors bikes all the way up to massive trailer trucks. The latter is exactly what went up the Goodwood hill climb and it was ridiculously looking.

That is a 900hp, Kamaz Dakar truck from team Red Bull. It’s used to going off road, but drifting up a hill is likely an entirely new thing for that truck. Epic! If you’re not familiar with the Dakar, here’s the Kamaz doing what it does best, annihilating some stages.

It’s been a personal dream of mine to head to Goodwood and see the FOS first hand. Let’s hope the Shifting Lanes crew and I can go there next year and this makes a return trip. Imagine seeing that in person?

(Source: YouTube)

Written by Gregson

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