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Ken Block Just Made The Hoonicorn Nearly Twice As Powerful With 2 Insane Modifications

Ken Block first introduced us to the complete insanity of the Hoonicorn, an AWD custom built classic Ford Mustang, in Gymkhana 7. In addition it was also used to annoy London. The 800 horsepower, AWD Notchback Mustang wasn’t exactly slow. However that didn’t stop Block and his crack team of mental patients from strapping 2 ginormous turbos to the car. Because of an upcoming event “at altitude” for Toyo tires Ken came to the conclusion that 800 horsepower just wasn’t going to cut it. The 2 open turbos have proven excellent at picking up dirt and debris during testing. Block even goes as far to point out the small nicks in the impellers. Interestingly enough the turbos do not feed into an intercooler, in fact there is no intercooler at all on this car. Instead Block’s crack mechanics used methanol as the combustible liquid. Methanol does a much better job of cooling than standard gasoline, so in addition to providing a much bigger bang it also cools the charge air.

Watch the official launch of the Hoonicorn Version 2 here:

Or if you have a short attention span, watch it roast some marshmellows.

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