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VIDEO: Nissan GT-R Gets A Tow, What Happens Next Will Make You Very Angry

We love the Nissan GT-R around here, we reviewed it a year ago and just very recently and found that it is still the automotive darling it is hyped up to be and so much more. So it’s only natural to see the news clip below and become infuriated at the world and lose trust in the very people you rely on to fix your ride.

In the news clip, Nissan GT-R owner, Brian Montgomery first discovered that his transmission warning light was on, prompting him to make a call to the dealership and for a tow. When the tow truck came by, he assumed like most normal people expecting a tow, that it would be taken straight to the dealership. Instead his dash cam captured the tow truck driver driving around the block, unloading the GT-R, and going for a pretty reckless joyride in the suburbs.

Let this awful act be a reminder to folks to install dash cams in your ride, so that you can bring scumbags like the one in the video to justice.

(Source: KHOU)

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