Video: Porsche’s Next 911 Race Car Spied Testing And It’s Something They’ve Never Made Before

Porsche is making a major departure from their stubborn-ness in 2017.

Porsche is legendary for sticking the engine in the back of all of its 911s. Rear engine placement is conceptually flawed, however Porsche has made it work. Until now, the rear engine placement has been the go to choice for their 911 racers. Making use of a special exemption from the sanctioning bodies the 2017 Porsche 911 GTE will feature a mid-engine design. Porsche believes that their current rear engine layout is no longer competitive when pitted against the turbo charged cars from Ford and Ferrari. The GT1 did have a mid-engine layout, but never before has Porsche made a GTE/GT3 class racer with this engine positioning.

Thanks to fansofthe12hours we now have video of Porsche’s newest race car driving in anger around Sebring.

We’ll see how this new engine layout works in the upcoming season. If history has any bearing on it, they’ll be just fine.

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