Chinese Counterfeiters Busted At SEMA

If I told you the government showed up at SEMA you’d probably expect it to be the EPA. After all we all remember that shitstorm last year as the EPA wanted to kill off the aftermarket speed scene like this was Soviet Russia or something. But no, the government showed up on Wednesday to break up a Chinese counterfeit parts booths.

We all know China is famous for ripping literally everyone off. Clarkson and Hammond found this out on their trip to China. Everything, phones, tablets, fashion and even cars are copied and then reproduced at an appallingly shitty quality. This bull has got to stop. I mean its one thing to rip off sunglasses or a watch. It is another thing entirely to rip off car parts. Parts that could break, causing an accident and possibly injuring someone or worse.

A company called OMIX-ADA caught wind of a few companies selling equipment that looked way to familiar. In fact they were blatant copies of their own parts. OMIX filed a complaint which tipped off the Feds. This led to an actual raid of not 1, but 2 Chinese booths for selling counterfeit merchandise. They seized parts, displays and communications equipment.

In their complaint OMIX claimed patent infringement. The Chinese companies were displaying and selling knock-offs of several of its patented aftermarket parts. Those parts included replacement hood latches, light mount assemblies and front grilles for the Jeep Wrangler. OMIX claims that the Chinese companies infringed upon a number of its patents and trademarks when they attempted to advertise and sell their own products on the SEMA and AAPEX show floors. OMIX makes the case for false designation of origin and unfair competition and demands a trial by jury. There is a preliminary hearing scheduled for November 10.


This was the tip of the iceberg as it were. During the same investigation, six additional booths belonging to Chinese aftermarket parts were shut down at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo as well. The companies in question were identified as: Changzhou Jiulong Auto Lamps Factory, Guangzhou Vcan Electronic Technology Co., Maxgrand Ltd., Sanmak Lighting Co., Shenzen Unisun Technology Co. and Unity 4wd Accessories Co.

Seriously, HOW DUMB ARE YOU? So let me get this straight, their grand plan is to rip off aftermarket car parts and then show those terrible copies at the world’s largest show for aftermarket car parts. You don’t need an advanced degree to know that these dumb fucks were just asking to be caught. Honestly I hope they get the book thrown at them. Whatever the maximum penalty is for their crimes, that’s what they should get. That’s what they deserve.

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