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Former Stig Ben Collins Just Trashed The Grand Tour’s “The American” With One Brutal Picture

The Grand Tour has some room for improvement. Episode two was a bit of a flop, but it’s a new show and it’s to be expected that there will be growing pains, no matter how long the boys have been together.

That being said, many people are not really enjoying “The American,” The Grand Tour’s version of The Stig. It’s largely a joke, but there’s also some seriousness to it since that is the driver (Mike Skinner) who will be doing all the lap times on the Eboladrome. Turns out that the former Stig, Ben Collins, has some choice words for Skinner on Instagram.



That’s a solid burn. I’m sure this is all in good fun, but there’s a big time nugget of truth here.

We’d love for Ben Collins to drive for these guys once more, but I doubt it’s going to happen. Do you want Ben Collins back? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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  1. Dear TGT Producers,

    You’ve got three very funny guys on the show. You don’t need a 4th. You’re “tame racing driver” needs to be just that — a racing driver. nor a racist caricature of Americans (even down to the fire-suit for Christ’s sake!)

    Bring back Ben! You’ve already taken the first step, as far as the audience is concerned (Ben is in the trailer for TGT.)

    Or if you MUST have an American to make jokes about Americans, hire Tanner Faust. The kid can *drive*. He’s consistent, fast, photogenic, young (something this show does need, frankly,) and had television experience.

    And he doesn’t work for Top Gear.


  2. At first Skinner kind of irked me, but I realized I was falling into Clarkson’s trap. His (sometimes truth-based) humor about stereotypical Americans is only being re-enforced.

    Give Skinner a chance- there are places that they can go with the character that we couldn’t possibly think of right now. Sure, I’d LOVE to see Ben Collins come back- and maybe even a pissing match (manufactured) between Collins and Skinner could generate some awesome humor.

    Maybe even toss in a little more fun by adding Tanner Faust to the mix- per Robert King’s comment? Make it a mob competition. Amazon has certainly shown their willingness to spend the dough to make it happen.

    Give it some time folks. Let’s not be the stereotype that Clarkson makes us out to be as Americans.

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