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Hamilton’s Senna Helmet Tribute Reminds Us Of One of Our Favorite OLD Top Gear Moments

For the first time Lewis Hamilton has won the Brazilian Grand Prix. He has trimmed the points gap to 12 points heading into the final race in Abu Dhabi. Brazil holds a special place to Hamilton as it is no secret that he is an enormous Ayrton Senna fan. Whenever he can Hamilton waxes poetically about what the Brazilian F1 legend means to Him. This weekend, racing in Senna’s home country Hamilton donned a helmet paying tribute to his idol. Hamilton has taken advantage of one of the FIA’s dumber rules. The rule states that any F1 Driver can only make 1 major change from their regular helmet design within a season. Hamilton has chosen to take his 1 redesign and pay tribute to Senna. The helmet features Senna’s trademark yellow and green mixed with Hamilton’s current helmet design (along with his sponsors, such is the world we live in.) Unfortunately weather forced Hamilton to go back to his traditional silver style helmet.

Anytime Hamilton speaks of Senna one flashes back to the aforementioned Top Gear tribute. In which Hamilton admits to weeping upon learning of Senna’s death. It is a sign of a true legend when other drivers who have carved their own piece of the sport’s history sit in awe of the things that person had accomplished. Possibly the most telling part of the Top Gear Piece was when Hamilton got the chance to drive Senna’s McLaren MP4/4. His reaction is priceless. At that moment he stops being Lewis Hamilton: F1 Superstar and becomes like any of us. Thrilled, almost bursting with excitement at the chance to drive his hero’s car. For us regular folk, this is the exact same reaction I got when someone tossed me the keys to a Mercedes AMG GT or a McLaren 570GT. Just, barely containable giddiness. It is truly extraordinary to see a guy who can literally own any car he wants, drive any car he wants, react that way.

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