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Say Hello To The Largest Indoor Kart Track… IN THE WORLD

Go karts, you wanted one as a kid. If you were like anything like me however, you never had enough room to get one, that and your father didn’t want you tearing up his lawn with one. So you were resigned to hoping one of your friends had better luck. If not your only option was to save your money and go to a place that allowed you to drive one. These places are largely the same. Either on the grounds of a racetrack or often times built inside a warehouse, with a broadly similar layout. These facilities are great fun, whether you were a 12-year old kid, or a 30 something 12-year old kid. We’ve gone to both. There was our outing to Pole Position in Jersey City. Or our trip to New Jersey Motorsports Park. We are huge fans of kart racing, and NASKART Racing aims to change the game when it launches later next month.

Located in Montville, Connecticut NASKART will offer 2 seperate tracks, complete with larger than usual elevation changes. Or, they will combine the 2 tracks into one, half-mile long circuit that makes it the longest indoor karting track in the world. The multi-level circuit will allow the track to cross over itself. With their electric karts, capable of 45ish mph, the super track will have lap times approaching 2 min. It all sounds mad, epic and hugely fun, yes, and might I add, Please.

There will be a full cafe and bar (though you will be subject to a breathalyzer before each race). It is aimed squarely at kids but mostly the kid inside each and every one of the adults who enter their facility. Doors will open December 16th and if you are anything like us you’ll be making the trip up to Connecticut ASAP.

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  1. Sounds good if it weren’t electric. At the end of the day it’s still a Prius.

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