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Say Hello To The Most Badass Camaro At 2016 SEMA

SEMA is where all of the world of automotive excess gathers. Once a year all the modders, tuners, hot rodders and manufactures come together in an orgy of over the top automotive glory. It ranges from the completely awesome in the form of slantnose 997 911 or the Ringbrothers Cadillac to the head-scratching like someone covering a Ford V8 in crystals. To get noticed at SEMA you have to set yourself apart from everything else. You need your car to pop, to sparkle to be unique.


Or… You make something of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Something capable or tearing a hole in time but looks as stock as everyone else. The term “sleeper” was coined for such a car and nothing embodies the sleeper mentality more than this 990 horsepower Camaro. It’s called the Fireball Chevrolet Camaro and it looks stock, but it soooo isn’t. There are custom touches like the hood, wheels and some badges, but they do nothing to hint at the beast that lurks within. The standard motor has been heavily tweaked. Boost is obviously applied by way of a supercharger. The heads have been ported to help air in and the headers are tubular to help get the air out. The drive shaft is aluminium and the axles have received beefing up. All told this is 990 horsepower of American thunder. The Fireball Camaro makes 827 horsepower and 677 lb.-ft of torque at the wheels, assuming 20% loss in the driveline and that’s how they get to the final 990 horsepower.


Here’s the best part, all of this costs $90,000. that is less than $100 per horsepower. It is very close to impossible to get that kind of power for that little amount of money. I love what Fireball has done here, not because they made redonkulous horsepower somewhat affordable nor is it the fact that they built the thing in the first place. Fireball built a car focusing on what is important. No insane body kit that will likely add weight. No insane interior or stereo or any extraneous item that detracts from the simple fact that muscle cars are meant to be driven. They built a badass engine did just enough body tweaking to set it apart from a lowly stock Camaro and stopped. Job done.  Job well done.


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