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The Evolution Of The F1 Steering Wheel

The world of F1 has changed significantly since its introduction, and no piece of equipment is as telling as the steering wheel. What started as a simple wooden circle with some spokes has transformed into a space age piece of equipment. Today’s F1 steering wheels aren’t even round anymore and look more at home in a space ship rather than a car.

The humble steering wheel from the early days of F1 now acts as a control center for every aspect of the car. From the transmission to the differential, every aspect of these cars can be tweaked with the numerous knobs and buttons on these very complicated wheels. The drivers can even control their own water supply with these wheels ensuring they never go thirsty over extended races.

These changes have happened over a long period of time, but when you’re able to watch the entire transformation over the course of a few minutes it becomes mind boggling. Watch as the F1 steering wheel goes from wooden circle to $50,000 controller.

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