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Video: Man Wrestles Cop. Man Evades Cop. Man Steals Cop’s Car.

Part of me feels sorry for this cop.

I mean he tries everything he can to subdue the perp without using “excessive” force. Even the guy taking the video was certain the cop was going to shoot this guy. But the cop restrains himself. Eventually it all breaks down and degrades into a slap fight.

You got to hand it to him, he is carrying a firearm and pepper spray. What does he get for his troubles? Not only does the dude get away but he steals the cop car. You got to admire the man berries it takes to not only get away from the police but also take the car. That is the very definition of a power move, dumb, but admirable. The perp was eventually caught and the only thing injured was this cop’s ego.

Note to all potential criminals: don’t steal cop cars.

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