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The 3/8ths Mile Record Will Make You Dizzy, Assault Your Ears, And Boggle Your Mind.

We have all heard about 10 second cars. Line up at the lights, drop the hammer, and 10 seconds later cross the finish line. 10 second cars are fast, no doubt. Pretty sure Paul Walker still owes Dom one.

What if I told you there are cars that go that fast or faster in 3/8ths of a mile and that 3/8ths of a mile is an oval? My brain hurts just thinking about that. At those speeds you are just constantly turning left, trying to avoid puking out the window. At an event called “Call of the Wild” at Kalamazoo Raceway back in September, Andy Bozell crushed the old 3/8 mile oval record by nearly half a second. In qualifying Bozell clocked a 9.465 at 142.631 mph which was more than good enough to beat Mike Shewchuk’s previous record time of 9.924.

Call of the Wild is an apt name for this event. The cars look super weird. They look like your standard modified that a crazed plexiglas salesman went nuts on.

Enjoy the onboard footage of Bozell’s record lap. It’s intense.

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  1. I wonder what the lateral G load on the driver is for these races

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