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Watching The Building Process Of This Nismo GTR GT3 Is Almost Therapeutic

This is just so satisfying to watch.

Have you ever wondered what goes into building a GT3 race car? The answer is quite a lot. You start with the base car, and rip just about everything out of it. Then, add in safety components and a more pissed off version of the production motor. Next, you beef up drive-line components to handle the demands of racing physics.

In the case of the Nissan GTR GT3 you also ditch the uber nerdfest that is the AWD system and replace it with a simpler RWD setup because that’s what the rules dictate. Thanks to the good folks over at Bulletproof Automotive we get a glimpse into what goes into building a GT3 car, in this case the GTR GT3. And damn, it is insane.


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