You Can Order A Ferrari 488 Spider With Options That Cost As Much As A House

In today’s world of highly customizable supercars, it’s quite easy to break the bank. Customers can spend tens of thousands of dollars on trivial additions like carbon fiber accent pieces or important pieces like upgraded brakes. Today we get an example of what six figures worth of options gets you on a Ferrari 488 Spider.

Adding options to your brand new car is always an expensive endeavor but when that car is a Ferrari and your name is Rob Ferretti it can get crazy. With a total options cost of a new 911 included in this 488 Spider’s final price, Rob went all out to make this car his own.

In the world of exotics standing out becomes an expensive game and Ferrari is happy to help. Offering useful features like nose lift alongside cosmetic carbon fiber shows the breadth of customization available. After learning about the insane cost of optional extras on a Ferrari your $900 premium package sounds like a bargain.

In modern cars of any make it’s easy to inflate the price with optional Extras, and adding an additional 30% to the base price isn’t very difficult. Supercars like this didn’t come in the trim levels were used to so this options binge isn’t something we’re all exposed to. Now sit back relax and see what two Mustang GT350’s worth of options gets you from Ferrari.

Written by Chris Okula - Contributor

Chris was raised on Top Gear and automotive magazines, which still

dominate most of his free time today (he is not a fan of the new

TopGear). After he graduated from Desales University, Chris started his career in the pharmaceutical industry, but missed writing which lead him to the creation of his own automotive blog. This blog lead him to work with Road & Track and now as a contributor here at Shifting Lanes. In his free time, Chris is constantly on the popular automotive auction site, Bring a Trailer, as well as Craigslist looking for ways to destroy his savings account and skip student loan payments.


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