The Driver Came In Complaining Of A Rattle And Low Oil Light. Then The Shop Saw This.

Yea, well, holy crap.

Apparently, according to the video, a customer brought their 2012 VW in for an unscheduled service. Their chief complaint was a “rattling and an oil leak.” I think that might be the largest understatement of the century. Why? Well it could be the gigantic hole in the bottom of the car that looks like a portal to hell.

Take a look.

What in the holy hell could have done that to the underbody!? Did they hit a boulder and just keep going? How could they have hit something that hard to have torn the underside open and kept going like it was nothing? I wish I could talk to this owner. I have so many questions.

I dunno about you, but I say they just say it’s a diesel and return it.

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