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The Sound Of The Ferrari FXX-K Is Something You Need To Hear To Believe

Lets talk about hte the Ferrari FXX-K for a moment. It is a bit pointless is it not? Sure it has a metric shit ton of power from its 12 cylinder V12 Hybrid powerplant. It is a track only car that you cant actually take delivery of. Seriously Ferrari will only sell it to a select few, and after they have helped themselves to several millions of your dollars, they keep it. Only allowing you to drive your car when you call them up for a track day. The whole thing is completely asinine. So, you may just want to drive one, don’t want to go through the hassle… Yeah, thats going to cost you $1-$2 Million just to be a part of their “Driver Development Program.” Honestly, what’s the point?

However, then you hear it, screaming V12 and all and suddenly your brain immediately comes to the conclusion, “I MUST OWN THIS!!!” It’s a gut reaction. It’s like when we as men stare at a gorgeous lady as she walks by. We can’t control it, and staring is a lot more civilized than shouting, “Holy shit she’s hot!” That V12 wail hits you the exact same way. Couple that with the high banks of Daytona and well, you should just watch for yourself.

Source: SpeedRacer38


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