This Is The Real Difference Between An F1 Car, A Supercar, And a Regular Car.

Every so often F1 Teams will release a video to remind fans just how insanely stupid fast a F1 car really is. In todays instance we take a trip back to the 90s courtesy of Ferrari. The video starts with a fiat roaring off the line as Michael Schumacher reads a paper. A little bit later a Ferrari 550 does the same, only with far more v12 awesomeness. Still the F1 team is not impressed. Eventually the F1 team gets Michael into the car and the F1 car screams into life and sets off in pursuit of its more common cousins. The other take away apart from the mind warping speed of F1 cars is the noise. The V10 wail as it spins at an RPM that would make most cars wet themselves. This is what F1 should be. ¬†Ditch these piddly little V6’s. Are you listening FIA? The people want more cylinders.

Source: Petrolicious

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