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Destroyer Of “Real People” Commercial Finds Himself In The Spanish Version

He’s officially our favorite person on YouTube because he has gone out of his way to destroy Commercials. Awful commercials. We’ve seen him before, ruining Chevrolet’s “Real People” commercials, by editing himself in it and saying the things we would have said. He has ruined improved the Chevrolet Malibu commercial by calling out their asinine remarks. Even the Chevrolet Cruze and the droves of clueless millennials aren’t safe from his brutal comments.

Based on what you readers have mentioned, it turns out General Motors have done a TON of these commercials abroad. And they all follow the same horrible format: Invite “real people, not actors” and have them stand around pretending like they’ve never seen a car/truck before in their life. Now, “Mahk” has found the “Personas Reales” Spanish version, and edited himself in. The results are just what you’d expect would happen when a Southie finds himself lost in the middle of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Keep doing God’s work, Zebra Corner. For you are the only one who can tell Chevrolet their commercials are fahkin’ gahbidge. Satire aside, those Chevrolet Silverado’s are frickin wicked though.

This Hero Destroys The Chevrolet Malibu Commercial

(Source: YouTube)

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