The Flyin’ Miata Validates Your Masculinity

The madmen at Flyin’ Miata are professional Miata surgeons. They’ve been performing surgery on Miatas since the 90s but they’re most recent creation is their best yet. They take a new ND Miata, add a 525bhp 6.2-litre V8, and create the maddest Miata you can buy new today.

Enthusiasts can’t leave the Mazda Miata alone.  Every Miata that leaves the showroom floor knows it will be altered in some way. Some are subject to small modifications while others received full heart transplants. For those who wouldn’t dare drive a roadster with only 155 horsepower, Flyin’ Miata is here to save you.

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Thankfully this isn’t just a simple engine swap. In addition to the newfound horsepower, you get bigger 6-piston front brake calipers, a Tremec magnum 6-speed gearbox, and Fox Racing shocks to name a few. The complete list of modifications can be found on the Flyin’ Miata Website. The modifications aren’t all about power either. You get a hydraulic steering rack for old school steering feel and air conditioning to remain comfortable.

The Flyin’ Miata swap is a complete overhaul. It takes an already great car and turns it into a pint-sized supercar. Their car can do 0-60 in only 3.5 seconds and according to their site, “If you do a 30 mph top-gear roll-on beside a Z06 Corvette, you’ll beat it to 70 mph by 7.2 seconds.”

The Flyin’ Miata is one of my dream cars. It takes a pure sports car and adds an American muscle car heart.  Not only is it insanely fast. It’s also reliable and beautiful. All this extra power hasn’t ruined the Miata. It just delivers driving joy at much faster pace.

Source: Flyin Miata

Written by Chris Okula - Contributor

Chris was raised on Top Gear and automotive magazines, which still

dominate most of his free time today (he is not a fan of the new

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