How Did GM Let This Happen?

This weekend while in Wegman’s parking lot I was victimized by a Chevy Cruze. I’m not sure who at GM thought it was a good idea to use reverse lights for anything other than signaling a car is in reverse. But GM cars put in park or responding to any key fob command illuminate their reverse lights.

Sure it’s a good idea for some sort of lights to turn on when you’re looking for your car but reverse lights are by far the worst choice. It’s dangerous and annoying. I was looking for a space in the crowded parking lot of Wegmans when I saw the reverse lights of a Cruze in a prime parking spot. Instead of parking further away and walking like a normal person I wanted to wait for this spot to save me the trip. After about 15 seconds of inactivity, I was getting anxious so I decided to find a different spot.

As I walked toward the Cruze that was supposedly in reverse I made my grizzly discovery. The car was completely empty and turned off. In a panic, I peered into the window to ensure someone didn’t accidentally leave a car in reverse. Luckily the car was in Park and empty. After realized I looked like some sort of creep and the Cruze lied to me I hopped on Google, my only hope for answers.

To my relief, I realized I wasn’t the only one baffled by GM’s use of reverse lights. It turns out people across this great nation have fallen victim to a simple set of white lights. It wouldn’t be a huge deal if they were only a set of lights. However, those white lights on the backs of cars hold a lot of meaning. They signal that a car is coming towards you and you need to prepare. Using them for anything other than that is a betrayal of years of conditioning.

I’m not sure how or why this happened but be safe out there and don’t look into random car windows like me.

Written by Chris Okula - Contributor

Chris was raised on Top Gear, automotive magazines, and the idea that the Corvette was the greatest car ever built. Today he spends his time creating automotive content and saving up for his next car.


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