Would You Mod A V6 Mustang?

Easily overshadowed by its V8 sibling, the V6 Mustang never resonated with enthusiasts. It was down on power and didn’t have the signature V8 rumble associated with its muscle car appearance. Today V6 Mustangs are dirt cheap. They offer an affordable way to own a Rear drive coupe with a familiar exterior. Although cheap, would you spend the extra money to modify a V6 Mustang?

Matt Farah gets to drive a lot of cars. Sprinkled between the hordes of Porsches and BMWs are some oddball performance cars. Today he drives the most unloved modern Mustang, a 2008 V6. The 2008 body style ushered in the new retro look but kept the wheezy 4.0 liter V6. This engine only produced 210 horsepower and 240 lb-ft or torque. Today it’s astonishing to see power numbers this low. Combined with a 17 mpg city rating it didn’t make sense to buy a V6 Mustang.

This budget American muscle car fell into the hand of an owner determined to make his 2008 V6 Mustang coupe fun. His V6 has a port and polished head, rear seat delete, added an exhaust, and finally a set of stiff coil overs. In addition to a loud exhaust, this Mustang has a bit more soul than the typical V6.

Maybe the V6 Mustang isn’t as bad as we think. Sure it doesn’t have power or the prestige of a GT. It also has weird problems like the electronic throttle body. But it’s a cheap car that might have more potential than we think.

Written by Chris Okula - Contributor

Chris was raised on Top Gear and automotive magazines, which still

dominate most of his free time today (he is not a fan of the new

TopGear). After he graduated from Desales University, Chris started his career in the pharmaceutical industry, but missed writing which lead him to the creation of his own automotive blog. This blog lead him to work with Road & Track and now as a contributor here at Shifting Lanes. In his free time, Chris is constantly on the popular automotive auction site, Bring a Trailer, as well as Craigslist looking for ways to destroy his savings account and skip student loan payments.


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