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Move Over Porsche, The Nurburgring Has A New Record Holder.

The Nurburgring is a gearhead’s heaven on earth. Fast, technical, dangerous, and the go to location for auto manufacturers to test and show off. Its varying terrain makes it the perfect test track. If a car has a flaw, blasting around the ‘Ring will expose it. Once they iron out the kinks the only natural progression is to get a stop watch and see who’s fastest.

McLaren was very proud of their sub 7 min lap though they never formally released a time for the P1’s feat. Nissan uses the Nurburgring to show off their giant slaying GT-R. Porsche and their 918 sat on the top of the production car heap for three years, a point they were very proud of. Looks like they’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

Lamborghini has toppled their German rival with a blistering lap and now holds the coveted title of fastest production car. The interesting thing is it wasn’t set by Lamborghini’s flagship Aventador SV, it was set by the Huracan Peformante. The Peformente smashed the 918’s previous record (6:57.00) by nearly 5 seconds (6:52.01). In racing terms, that’s an eternity.

Technically, Radical still holds the record for street legal machines at a 6:48.00, however they are a small track focused outfit with very small production numbers. So small in fact that they don’t really classify their cars as “production vehicles.” Either way the Lambo reset the standard at the ‘Ring. Your move Porsche!

Here’s the full, mental, bonkers fast lap.

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