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17 Year Old Racer Lost Both Legs After Crash

The hardest part about motorsports is facing the reality of an accident. Despite all of the safety measures that has improved over the years, nothing will violate the laws of physics. And when it comes to faster forms of motorsports, the risks are even more extreme.

Last weekend 17 year old Formula 4 racecar driver, Billy Monger, competed at Donington Park. During the race he collided upon another racer, Patric Pasma, who seemed to have stalled or been broken down at the Schwantz Curve. The collision was catastrophic enough to demolish both cars as seen in the footage below

Monger survived the crash and had to be airlifted away to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, according to Motorsports.com:

Monger had to be airlifted to hospital after medics took nearly two hours to extract him from his car, but the extent of his injuries has emerged only now.

Efforts made to save his legs were unsuccessful, and a Justgiving page has now been set up by JHR team boss Steven Hunter to raise funds to support Monger in his recovery.

Pasma was also taken to the same Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, by road, after the crash, but was released on Monday without any serious injuries.

We cannot imagine how tough this is for Monger, his friends and family, and the rest of the motorsport community. If you want to send him your thoughts, prayers, and help please visit his Justgiving fundraising page linked below

Billy Monger’s Justgiving Link

To Monger and his family, the Shifting Lanes crew’s thoughts are with you as you go through this tough time. If it is to any consolation we just want to remind you of Alex Zanardi. On September 15, 2001 he suffered a terrible crash that resulted in the amputation of his legs. But he decided that his disability was not going to limit his racing desires and returned to the racing motorsport just two years later. This severe crash does not mean an end to your career, it’s just another challenge to overcome.

(Source: Motorsport)

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