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The 2017 Honda Civic Si Is Here And It’s Useless

A new video published by Honda on YouTube officially showcases the company’s new Civic Si. It offers a whole host of dumb features that no one cares about. The full list of features from Honda includes: 205 horsepower, 192 pound-feet of torque, increased lateral grip, a lighter body, adaptive steering, faster turn-in response, larger brakes, improved body control, and 2-mode adaptive dampers.

Of this list, the only real news is larger brakes and adaptive dampers. The power figure represents negligible difference from last year’s model. Adaptive steering, body lightness, turn-in response and “improved body control” are either subjective or unsubstantiated by Honda’s promotional video. As much as I’d like to believe that the new Si’s handling is more lively, I’d like to see real data backing up the improvements. There wasn’t even a mention of how much the lateral grip actually improved, which is a common metric between cars.

The new Si is confirmed to have an LSD at the front. That is good news. However, the move to a smaller, forced induction motor for the Si means a lower potential for tuning. Anyone looking to modify their hot hatch should look at the new Type R or the offerings from other manufacturers. At a similar budget is the VW GTI and the Ford Focus/Fiesta ST, all of which make more torque than the Si. Or, to use some leftover cash for mod potential, one may want to consider a base Civic hatch.

Oh yeah, and there’s a Sport button. Because sporty. What exactly does this adjust? The dampers? The steering ratio/feel? Or both? Regardless, good on Honda for attempting to release another fun-to-drive car with a manual transmission standard. I just wish it weren’t superfluous.

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