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This Company Lets You Buy A Car From A Vending Machine

The used car buying website Carvana looks like a much smaller Carmax  but with a much nicer user web interface. The site allows buyers to shop for cars at the comfort of their own home, and the purchased car gets transported to the owner’s home just like any online bought goods. Now they have provided an additional option for picking up the car, and it’s via vending machine. They’ve created a five-story tall car vending machine capable of storing 18 cars. We’ll chalk this up to marketing gimmicks, which is apparently working.

Once you’ve purchased the car online, it can get stored in the vending machine to await for your arrival. According to Motorweek, Carvana will even throw in a $200 flight voucher to fly you out to the vending machine, located in Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re worried about test driving the car before you buy, they give you a seven day window to return the car if you’re not happy.

We’ll be sure to consider this company in our next car buying opportunity.

(Source: Motorweek)

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