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The BMW 1 Series M Is The Best M Car Ever Made

The 1 Series M was a no-nonsense driver’s car, something BMW no longer builds. This simple coupe didn’t detract from a pure driving experience with a tech filled cabin or a dual clutch transmission. It only had 335 horsepower which seems laughable in 2017 terms but it made the car better. Evey model year car manufacturers play lip service to the idea the more stuff makes a car better and consumers suffer. The 1 series M is a timeless performance BMW that still reins as one of their greatest creations.

The 1 series M isn’t going to get you attention from the average person. But the people who know about this car really know. The subdued exterior of the 1 series M means you only buy this car for the driving experience. The bliss of driving a simple coupe with a perfect manual transmission is becoming a more elusive experience. As we continue to add more features to our cars the subtle nuances of driving come at a premium.

Buying a 1 series M is more expensive than ever. It gains value every year with other driver’s cars like manual transmission Ferraris and old Porsches. The analog driving experience becomes more expensive every year and enthusiasts are willing to pay.Today’s BMWs are still great to drive but they will never be the same. The 1 series M was the perfect storm. It was built in a small batch with the driving experience as the main focus. As car companies face the challenges associated with appealing to a broader audience I don’t expect another car like this for a very long time.

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