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Watch Corvette’s New Mid-Engine Race Car Test At Sebring!

If it doesn’t look or sound like any other Corvette Is It Still A Corvette

Image: YouTube Lanky Turtle

We all know the new C8 Corvette will be a mid-engine supercar slaying monster. We also know that said monster has already been turned into a race car by the boys over at Pratt & Miller. Hell, we even know how this new race car will sound thanks to videos like the one above. The above clip is of the new C8.R testing at Sebring in preparation for the 2019 WeatherTech Sportscar Championship Season. It is not long before teams head to Daytona for the Roar and not long after that, the season kicks off with the Rolex 24 At Daytona.

What we don’t know is how we feel about this new machine. From all reports, the new car will be the fastest thing to wear a Corvette badge thanks to a metric shit ton of new technology. But I pose this question to you, should it be called a Corvette?

If they had called it something else, the Zora perhaps, I think I’d love this thing like no other but it carries a Corvette badge.  Call me stubborn, call me old fashioned but I like tradition. Tradition tells me a Corvette should have a pushrod V8 in the front, driving the rear wheels. Changing that layout just screams of a marketing exercise. Either way, the car will be a Star-Spangled punch directly in the face of Europe’s elite and no matter how much I dislike a name, I will always love that!

Written by Chad Kennedy

Chad burst from the womb wearing a racing suit and a helmet. Chad's passion for cars is in his very DNA. His father was a gear head and passed on the tradition through owning such classics as a '66 Mustang and a '59 Corvette all while taking him to various race tracks in the area. Chad likes to wrench on his rides whenever possible, forgoing the stealership. Chad is an avid motorsports fan with particular interest in endurance/sports car racing. When not online writing for Shifting Lanes, you can find him working at the local golf course teaching people how to swing or hooning a golf cart at impossible speeds.


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