Craigslist Adding Price Cap on Used 2008 Subaru WRXs

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Craigslist announced that it will introduce a price cap on used 2008 Subaru WRXs listed on the Cars+Trucks section of the site. This change comes as the result of unrealistic pricing from Subaru sellers.

According to craigslist, the average listing for a 2008 Subaru WRX is as follows. Average pricing hovers around $25,000 with average milage cresting 100,000 miles. This is, of course, nothing for a Subaru.

So why cap the price of only used Subaru WRXs? Well, this is a new initiative to protect Craiglist shopper from delusional sellers. Sure we all want to rip sweet donuts in the snow with our used subie but this should be more affordable.

Craigslist has not announced what the price cap will be but I expect it to hover around $20,000. In order to get fair compensation for their cars, used WRX owners are already excepting the full Craigslist payout plus an offering of other commodities like cases on Monster, Vape pens, and flat brim hats.

Written by Chris Okula - Contributor

Chris was raised on Top Gear, automotive magazines, and the idea that the Corvette was the greatest car ever built. Today he spends his time creating automotive content and saving up for his next car.


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