Rebuilding A Rotary Engine is Surpisingly Easy

The Rotary Engine is a love it, or hate it thing like olives, you’re either a fanatic or disgusted. Regardless of your feelings towards the rotary, the process to build one is fascinating.

The Rotary engine is unlike any other engine is a traditional car so the process of building one is a special treat. Rebuilding a Rotary at the hand of an expert is a mesmerizing process that we’re lucky enough to see in great detail.

The internet can teach you some wonderful things. For example last week I learn how to make pretzels in the comfort of my own apartment. Then today I learned how to rebuild a Rotary engine.

The worst part about all this is now I want a Mazda RX-8. They’re cheap to purchase and from the looks of it surprisingly simple to rebuild. Who wouldn’t want a 9,000rpm screaming Japanese sports car?

Written by Chris Okula - Contributor

Chris was raised on Top Gear, automotive magazines, and the idea that the Corvette was the greatest car ever built. Today he spends his time creating automotive content and saving up for his next car.


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