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The Mid-Sized Truck Is Utterly Pointless

The mid-sized truck has made a comeback in the past few years. People are wanting smaller trucks that deliver performance at a bargain price. The idea is that these down-sized workhorses have are more economical and less daunting than their full-sized counterparts. While that may be the perception, does this …

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Is Corvette Making A Cayenne Killer?

My wife: I like the four-door Porsches; they’re one of my dream cars. I think the SUV Porsches are ugly but I definitely want to get a four-door Porsche sedan. Me: Four-door Porches are stupid. Porsches were never meant to be practical machines; they are sports cars. That would be …

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Is The Dodge Demon A Drag Specialist?

It appears that the rest of 2017 will be filled with teasers for both the upcoming Star Wars movie and the Challenger Demon; not that anyone is complaining about either. Dodge released another teaser video today detailing the suspension of the beast that they are about to unleash upon the …

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