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Welcome To America’s Badass V12

Here at Shifting Lanes we love us some batshit insane engines. Over the years we have stumbled across some truly epic engines like this 12 rotor monster and the totally off-its-face 1700 horsepower QC4V. These engines were originally built to go in the back of power boats, never really intended for …

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New Automotive Scandal Brews. This Time For Ferrari

Despite improvements in automotive reliability, performance, and efficiency, scandals seem to stick around and rear its ugly head every now and then. This time the scandal involves the illustrious and hyper exclusive Ferrari brand. The Daily Mail obtained this story from a lawsuit that they’ve exclusively obtained, where a veteran Ferrari salesman …

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Here’s How The WRX STi Can Get Back On Top

Despite its blemished reputation by those who mistreat it, the Subaru WRX STi will always have a special place in our hearts. Images of McRae sliding through turns in his Subaru are permanently burnt into our memories. Aside from the emotions the STi invokes, it’s hard to deny that it …

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Lotus May Actually Make A Profit In 2017

Car guys and girls, rejoice. One of our favorite auto manufacturers has a great chance of staying around longer. This great news is due to some very hard work and difficult decisions on the part of Jean-Marc Gales. Gales took on the role of CEO at Group Lotus in May 2014 …

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