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POLL: Holy Trinity

This might be the toughest poll we have to date. The Holy Trinity of Cars. If you can pick only one, which one would you choose? Would you pick the McLaren P1 with 903 horsepower and 722 lb-ft of torque? Would you choose the Porsche 918 Hybrid with 887 horsepower …

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POLL: Gran Turismo Or Forza Motorsport?

Forget about Ford versus Chevy! Forget about BMW versus Audi! And who cares about STI versus EVO? There’s a truly vicious competition between the folks in Turn 10 Studios and Polyphony Digital. Gran Turismo is a video game that has changed car culture forever and Forza Motorsport has became a highly popular …

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QUIZ: Which Way Does The Door Open?

Not every supercar’s door open up in a fancy way. Some of them open up in a totally boring fashion. Can you guess which ones open upward and which ones open traditionally? Let us know how you did below and then challenge your friends to the test. It’s not as easy …

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