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The Acura TL Peaked in High School

The third generation Acura TL represented the best of mid 2000’s Honda, it perfectly blended a stout reliable drive train with a well sorted chassis to create a legitimate sport sedan. This generation TL quickly became the greatest sports sedan built by Acura, and has yet to be eclipsed today. …

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VIDEO: How To Make An Audi TT RS

“There’s something about engines that calms me down” is what Jesse said in the 2001 mega hit, The Fast and The Furious. And that’s how this video will make you feel exactly, as it covers the Audi TT RS build, in the Győr, Hungary Audi factory. The soothing drilling, ratcheting, …

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When You’re A Billionaire, This Is How You Roll

Ferrari FXX, Aston Martin Vulcan, Pagani Zonda R, just to name a few. That’s how you roll up to the Nürburgring when you’re a Russian billionaire (B!). Roman Abramovich, a very successful investor, entrepreneur, and politician, brought all of those and then some other multi-million dollar vehicles to the famed …

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