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Meet The Man Who Designed The Ford GT

Camile Pardo, the designer of Ford’s supercar, the Ford GT, put his background in pop art and a passion for cars into his timeless design. In his Petrolicious feature, Camile gives us insights into the design process of the Ford GT that came full circle. Car design is an emotional …

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Learning How To Drift Step By Step

Before you go out and think: “I’ll just go watch this 22 minute video and become Ken Block,” please think again. Drifting is hard. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of tires (money), some form of talent, and a lot of good luck. So before you execute your …

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Welcome To America’s Badass V12

Here at Shifting Lanes we love us some batshit insane engines. Over the years we have stumbled across some truly epic engines like this 12 rotor monster and the totally off-its-face 1700 horsepower QC4V. These engines were originally built to go in the back of power boats, never really intended for …

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