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Fun In The Snow… ShiftingLanes.com Style

Here in the Northeast we “enjoyed” another crap fest of a winter.  Temperatures were unreasonably cold I mean just stupid cold.  Not to mention the thigh high snow outside my house.  The awful road conditions, salt everywhere, enormous tire eating pot holes, and so on.  Enough is enough damn it.  However, …

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How A Manual Transmission Works

Does the below image scare you? Many people have no idea how to work that 3rd pedal on the left, let alone use a stick at the same time. Well to compound your fear, or maybe to give you auto enthusiasts a raging brainer, here’s a great old video of …

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A Present For Our Fans

Well we got a bit of great news over the weekend. Our Facebook page has hit over 600 likes! The team here at Shifting Lanes thanks you for all the support as we continue to grow and bring you outstanding car content and honest opinions. As a treat, here’s a …

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