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  • NSX GT3’s IMSA Future Is All But A Certainty

    The NSX GT3 continues to prepare their NSX GT3 for next month’s GT3 BoP test. While all of the testing has been done in-house the teams that will actually run the cars next season has yet to be officially announced. Even if not official, it has been a forgone conclusion since the beginning that Acura’s long time […] More

  • The Ultimate Hot Wheels Road Trip

    For most of us, our first cars went as fast as gravity could take them. These tiny beginnings of passion for cars inspired us to create ever more dangerous tracks and push the limits of what a Hot Wheels car could do. Today as our cars grow faster and more expensive, its important to look […] More

  • A Split Lamborghini Catches On Fire Super Effectively

    A severe collision occurred on Saturday near Grant Park in Chicago, between a matte black Lamborghini Huracan and another vehicle. The impact from the collision was so harsh that it caused the Italian supercar to ricochet, hitting a light pole, and severing it into two whole pieces. What’s most shocking about the accident is the […] More

  • Infiniti Just Created A First-Of-Its-Kind Production Engine

    So, Infiniti has done something that no one else has done before. We’re all a little flabbergasted by this one, but in the best way imaginable. Infiniti isn’t known for its industry leading innovations, but being the luxury brand of an automaker as large as Nissan affords Infiniti the resources few others have. They have […] More

  • The Grand Tour On Amazon Almost Didn’t Happen

    We know The Grand Tour is on its way and we are insanely excited to see the first iteration of this new show, but there’s a little known fact that Amazon almost didn’t get Clarkson, Hammond, and May and The Grand Tour may have been totally different. The Grand Tour will utilize a traveling tent […] More

  • Why We Forgot About The Isuzu Impulse RS

    In the early 1990s the unwieldy conglomeration of  car companies owned by GM built something very special. Picture a small 2,700 lb all wheel drive turbocharged coupe with a suspension tuned by Lotus, and a price tag of only $15,000. The engine was built and designed by a crack team of Japanese engineers, while the […] More

  • The DeltaWing GT Is The Worst Idea

    Ah, the DeltaWing that phallic looking race car that was huge on hype but short, very short, woefully short on anything resembling success. The 1/2 the weight, 1/2 the downforce, 1/2 the power on skinny front tires never really worked as theorized. The car was fast in a straight line but suffered, rather expectedly, understeer. […] More

  • Acura’s NSX GT3 Enters Final Testing Phase

    Development on the new Acura NSX GT3 is coming along quite nicely. Acura entered their NSX GT3 in the Pirelli World Challenge SprintX Practice this week at Utah Motorsports Campus. This was done as an effort to get the car additional track time. That said, it didn’t stop Peter Kox from topping the time sheets. Yup, […] More

  • When Testing The New NSX, Acura Destroyed A Benchmark Exotic

    This one hurts. Last month there were reports that while developing the new NSX, Honda (Acura here in the states) bought a 911 GT3 RS as a car to be a baseline while testing the brand new NSX. When Porsche found out about it, they wrote “good luck Honda, see you on the other side” […] More

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