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  • The Grand Tour Teaser Footage Revealed!

    The Grand Tour is not here yet but the good folks at Amazon Prime has revealed a quick video of Richard Hammond and James May explaining why their show is not ready yet. Fear not, however, as they have their best working on their show: one Jeremy Clarkson. When he’s not busy saving tourists’ lives, […] More

  • Jeremy Clarkson Saved Lives Of German And French Tourists

    If you’ve seen Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear then you know he’s one to quickly abandon his mates, avoid hard work, and leave the duty for someone else to take care of. This past weekend he managed to do the total opposite of his television persona and saved the lives of four people! As seen through […] More

  • Is Your Car Still A Sleeper If Its Written On The License Plate?

    Today Matt Farah drives an Acura TL that sounds like it shouldn’t exist. This supercharged Acura TL Type-s  produces 700 horsepower which it sends through the front wheels via a 6-speed manual. The TL is able to achieve this incredible level of power thanks to a sleeved 3.5litre J-Series v6 engine and a Rotrex C38-92 Supercharger. […] More

  • The Way These Doors Open Means You Can Drive A Spaceship Real Soon

    If this car looks a bit familiar to you, your eyes haven’t fooled you, you’ve seen this conceptual shape MANY times before. The first car that had this aerodynamic, and very suggestive, shape was called the Nissan Deltawing. Nissan liked it so much that they also used it as a platform for the ZEOD RC, a hybrid electric racing […] More

  • What’s It Like To Drive On The Old Top Gear Test Track?

    The new Top Gear show is not like what it used to be. The hosts are a bit younger, the chemistry is missing, and the Top Gear test track, for better or worse, has been altered beyond recognition. A lot of good memories were made in Dunsfold Aerodrome, and a lot of records were set and […] More

  • The 5 Best Modifications You Can Do For Your Daily Driver

    For the first time in recorded history, a list on the internet will actually give some useful information. Happy days! Today, you have many options for upgrades to a car. Most enthusiasts will do the normal upgrades of suspension and power to get more of that “race car” feel without having to sacrifice road comfort. […] More

  • $80,000 Car Goes From 0-Totaled In 4 Seconds

    We’ve seen many examples of cars leaving meets and applying too much throttle during a 90 degree turn, only to find themselves leaving precious metal and plastic parts on the road just seconds later. Because of these crashes we have to live with the stereotype that American cars are brilliant until they try to take corners. Well, this video below […] More

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Provides Scary Insight Into His Concussion Recovery

    Jeff Gordon will once again fill in for Dale Earnhardt Jr. at this weekends NASCAR race at Watkins Glen. Jr. opened up on his weekly podcast giving an interesting and scary look into his symptoms. On Tuesday Jr. underwent evaluations at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program. Unfortunately he was not cleared for […] More

  • More Rubber + More Aero = More Entertaining F1?

    Red Bull is the 2nd team of 3 to conduct a 2017 tire test for Pirelli. Earlier this week Ferrari tested the new for 2017 wider rubber. The FIA took enormous steps to ensure the teams testing would not receive an advantage heading into next season. There is the obvious, full disclosure of data to […] More

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