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  • The Grand Tour Talks Underpants

    Is there another group of older men that can make things interesting? Whether it be fumbling with live streaming or assembling shipping boxes, the Grand Tour trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May can seem to make anything interesting. In the latest episode of On-The-Road with The Grand Tour, the trio talks about Richard […] More

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sits Out From Racing, Return Indefinite

    The upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is right around the corner on July 17th, and the latest big news is that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will sit out of the race due to concussion-like symptoms. The announcement was made by Hendrick Motorsports, the team Earnhardt drives for in the No. 88 Chevrolet car, when physicians assessed […] More

  • British Airways Tries To Derail The Grand Tour

    Filming for the Grand Tour in Johannesburg, South Africa is set to film under a giant tent on July 17th, 2016, depriving many jealous fans all over the world with the opportunity to see the old Top Gear trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May back in a live setting. However, there’s been some […] More

  • Corvette Z06 Lands Critical Hit On Deer

    Deer happens. Despite how safely you try to drive, deer and other wildlife are always willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to destroy your cherished ride. Perhaps they want you to reconnect with your insurance agent, or maybe they’ve had it with their miserable deer lives and they want to end it in the most spectacular, […] More

  • This Guy Just Proved That Exotic Cars Need To Be Driven To Survive

    For those of you that so not know Doug Demuro, he is a YouTuber, contributor at Jalopnik, and an all around funny dude. Some of his automotive adventures have included: taking a Lotus Elise across the US, owning and daily driving a Ferrari 360, and importing and then daily driving a right hand drive Nissan […] More

  • This Upgrade Will Make A Plain Toyota Beat A Ferrari

    Toyota makes boring vehicles, there’s no question about that. Though as of a few years ago the folks in Toyota camp got in bed with Subaru, and they made something that reminds us that they have an ounce of passion in their cold, heartless, bean-counting minds. They made the GT86! You can call it the BRZ, […] More

  • What Is Double Clutching, And Should You Be Doing It?

    We’ve all seen the scene in The Fast and Furious where Brian O’Connor just lost his first race to Dom. Yet he is standing next to the car with a gigantic shit eating grin on his face. “I almost had you man!” Which incites laughter and mockery from street racing legend Dom. “Granny-Shifting. Not double-clutching like […] More

  • Mighty Car Mods vs Roadkill? Yes Please!

    If you own an internet and are into cars, chances are you’ve seen Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill. But in the off-chance you haven’t (what the hell are you doing???) here’s a brief description. Roadkill lead by David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan started life as a YouTube show. These 2 guys are now famous for […] More

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