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  • Do it in A Datsun

    When the Datsun 240z first came to American shores its stunned the car world. The beautiful 240Z combined the reliability of a Japanese car with performance that could match the German competition. Today the 240Z is quickly becoming one of the most sought after classic cars from 1970s as its timeless looks and endless performance […] More

  • Mother Jailed After Putting Her Two Kids In The Trunk Of A Corvette

    People, the Corvette is a 2-seat car. Apparently, one mom tried to make it a family transport vehicle recently as she hopped in shotgun and stuffed her two kids in the back for what we only imagine was a terrifying and horrid ride. 29-year-old Jessica Reger from York County Pennsylvania decided it’d be a good […] More

  • Lexus Won’t Debut The RC-F GT3 This Season.

    Lexus announced yesterday news we all probably saw coming. The RC-F GT3 will not make it’s North American debut this season. Lexus has been using its existing chassis for testing this season and was originally believed to debut later this season in IMSA’s WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. Lexus has decided to forgo the 2016 season in […] More

  • HOW IT’S MADE: Lamborghini Aventador

    Lamborghini manufactures some of the most exciting cars on the road. Their high revving naturally aspirated engines and well-sorted chassis make them great drivers cars while their aggressive styling gets you noticed. Lamborghini has always captured the imagination of auto enthusiasts who usually had pictures of Lamborghinis like the radically designed Countach on their childhood […] More

  • The Merkur XR4Ti Was The Original Focus RS

    The new Ford Focus RS is a car that needs no introduction. Ford teased their latest mega hatch for over a year, building up excitement unparalleled by any hatchback before it. As Americans, we are especially excited since this is the first time a Focus RS will grace our shores; However, this is not the […] More

  • Ferrari Pursuing Brawn. Smart Move Or Act Of Desperation?

    It is no secret that Ferrari has struggled in recent years. Even with all the resources behind them, Ferrari has been unable to close the gap to their German rivals. In the meantime Red Bull has surpassed them. Being the #3 team on the grid is completely unacceptable to Ferrari. A series of poor finishes and reliability […] More

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