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  • Russian Road Rage Ends In Satisfying Vengeance

    We understand we’re not seeing the complete picture here, supplemented by our lack of understanding of the Russian language. This video could have been easily edited to not show what the driver did to deserve the wrath of the fellow driving the Lada Riva. Whatever it was, it provoked the Lada driver to step out […] More

  • F CANCR: A Man’s Fight Against Cancer Boosted By One Incredible GTR

    Andrew Lee of Silver Spring, MD was diagnosed with a rare and incurable kidney cancer known as Hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell cancer (HLRCC) at 19 years old. His fight against cancer has led him through an incredible journey that involved driving and modifying his dream car, the Nissan GTR. He and his father has put together […] More

  • LEAKED: The Grand Tour Trailer – It’s Rubbish

    The very first Grand Tour trailer for its first ever episode is “out” and it’s delivered via blurry steady cam! Not only is the quality rubbish, but the Boys seemed to have lost that Top Gear sheen in their presentation style. It’s all a big joke of course. Jeremy Clarkson starts off with improperly stopping […] More

  • The Craziest Rotary Engine You’ve Never Heard Of

    So we all know the awesome unconventional-ness of a Rotary motor. Small, yet immensely powerful. Sure they aren’t the most efficient things, but they are very mod-able thus us car people love them. We’ve shown you a 4 rotor RX-7 blast around the track, we’ve even shown you a totally unnecessary yet completely awesome 4 rotor […] More

  • Apparently “Anti-Hooning” Laws Are A Thing

    We all know the new Ford Focus RS. We love it, every last bit of it. In fact, it might be perfect. What more do you want? The thing has a button that when depressed engages drift mode. I don’t know about you guys but that might be the greatest button ever fitted to any […] More

  • Something Is Different With This Drift Car.

    I will fully admit, the internet is overflowing with drift videos. They’re everywhere. One could get a little numb to them. I know I am. Here’s the thing though, every now and then one catches your attention. It could be the course, the car just the sheer insanity of it all, whatever it may be […] More

  • Matt Leblanc’s New Car Has A Drift Button

    Say what you want about Matt Leblanc, but there is undeniable proof that he is a gearhead, or petrolhead in British idiom. Leblanc’s love of cars and the cars he has owned are well documented. We know he’s owned a Ferrari 360 Modena which he traded in for a 458 Italia, a Mercedes ML63 AMG, […] More

  • Scenes From The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour just wrapped up its first live audience filming in Johannesburg, South Africa, and pictures and updates have been flying through the Boys’ and The Grand Tour’s Facebook pages. Starting with the tent itself, the GT tent is one massive facility setup in the middle of nowhere, seemingly prepped to take on the victims […] More

  • Jeremy Clarkson Nervous About The Grand Tour

    Filming for the Grand Tour in Johannesburg, South Africa is just around the corner, marking the return of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May to a live audience in more than a year. You’d think Clarkson would be more than ready to film for the new show, but perhaps after the frantic delays of the trip, […] More

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