Is Bernie Ecclestone Talking Sense???

I know this seems to contradict everything we know about F1’s supreme leader. He usually is Trump-ian in his statements. Bold, brash and very rarely based in any form of sense or logic. But Bernie has some thoughts on how to improve Formula 1 and they’re not completely terrible. In …

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Porsche 924 Carrera GT – The Other Carrera GT

In the early 1970s, Porsche and VW began working on a sports car that both brands could sell. It was intended to be VW’s flagship and Porsche’s door mat growing the customer base of both brands. After VW backed out of the project, Porsche purchased the design rights and created the 924. Although …

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The Most Beautiful Tandem Drift Ever

If you’ve never seen the GT4586, then you should definitely check this out first. It’s an insane marriage between a Ferrari V8 engine and a Toyota GT86, built for the sole purpose of going sideways. Ryan Tuerck has collaborated with Gumout Performance Additives to build this truly insane car, and …

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