The Volvo 850 Is Virtually Indestructible

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say “Volvo”? If your first thought was “tough” or “tank” you wouldn’t be alone. Volvo has legendary longevity and their cars are built like brick walls. Volvo is synonymous with safety. It’s almost like saying the same word. Almost as …

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Formula 1 Team Boss Arrested In London

Formula 1 seems to always be kind of a shit show off the track. Here’s the best example yet this season. Drama is the worst thing that happens off track with F1 you say? Nope. How about arrests? Yup. That’s exactly what happened to Force India team boss Vijay Mallya. …

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Used Challengers Are Cheap For A Good Reason

And that’s because of one thing: rust. It’s called cancer in the car world for a good reason. Once it’s there, there’s no other way to remove it than to cut it out. The problem seems the worst with earlier model years. According to a user on, the Challenger …

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