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  • How A Spec Mirage Racing Series Can Save Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi knows what it is. They’ve come to terms with their oppressively boring line up and don’t mind selling crossovers and dated compacts. It’s like they’ve tried to take all the fun out of the brand on purpose, killing off all their fun cars except for one. Today the Mirage is Mitsubishi’s most exciting car. Mitsubishi’s current […] More

  • Nissan Is Going To Breathe New Life To The R32 GT-R

    This ought to be wonderful news to Nissan and Skyline GT-R fans everywhere. The Skyline GT-R R32 (BNR32) that was first produced in 1989 has entered classic car status for a few years at this point. Given the sporting nature of these incredible lightweight cars, the likelihood of enthusiasts finding one in good shape is […] More

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Announces Retirement

    It’s the end of an era everyone. After being the most popular driver in NASCAR for 14 of his seasons, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will retire after the 2017 season. The 42-year-old Earnhardt returned to full time driving this season after a series of crashes and bad fortune left him concussed and unable to drive to […] More

  • Is This 1991 900 Turbo SPG The Perfect Saab?

    The Saab 900 SPG is the perfect classic Saab. It retains all the wacky Swedish features of a normal 900 Turbo with added rarity and performance. Since only 7,600 SPGs were imported into the US, from 1985 to 1991, don’t expect to see one at your next Saab meet. Also for the record, Saab meets still […] More

  • Former Gas Monkey Garage Star Sells His Favorite Car

    Everyone has heard of Gas Monkey Garage (GMG). The garage is featured in the Discovery TV show Fast N’ Loud and owner Richard Rawlings seems to sponsor a race car in every major American series. The show started from humble beginnings. Rawlings and master mechanic Aaron Kaufman started in a two bay garage and grew […] More

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