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  • Subaru Motorsport Is Returning To Its Retro Look And It Never Looked Better

    The World Rally Blue Pearl and Gold look that we’re so accustomed to seeing back in the 90s and 2000s, blasting through heavily wooded dirt roads, on Playstations, leaving clouds of dust and dirt in our minds and hearts, is finally coming back! Today, Subaru of America Inc. unveiled the iconic gold star cluster on […] More

  • Is Subaru Headed To IMSA In The Form Of A Daytona Prototype Program?

    It has been a while since I have written about the world of motorsport. Even longer since I’ve written about my favorite form of motorsport, Sportscar Racing! Several things have kept me away, mostly working on a project car, filming the work, and then editing it all together while also having a day job doesn’t […] More

  • Craigslist Adding Price Cap on Used 2008 Subaru WRXs

    Craigslist announced that it will introduce a price cap on used 2008 Subaru WRXs listed on the Cars+Trucks section of the site. This change comes as the result of unrealistic pricing from Subaru sellers. According to craigslist, the average listing for a 2008 Subaru WRX is as follows. Average pricing hovers around $25,000 with average milage […] More

  • 93 Supra Turbo Reaches $90,000 Price Tag

    The MK4 Toyota Supra Turbo is a collectors dream. This legendary Toyota sports car is a cultural icon that defines a generation. The hardest part is finding a good one. If you happen to find a stock low mileage Supra be prepared to pay. Today on Bring A Trailer you will find the ultimate […] More

  • The Volvo S60R’s Rust Made Replacing The Inner & Outer Tie Rods A Huge Pain

    The Volvo S60R’s Rust Made Replacing The Inner & Outer Tie Rods A Huge PainSome cutting and heat application was involved in the process Click to subscribe!  Replacing the inner and outer tie rods should be a straightforward process. If it weren’t for the decade’s worth of rust built up, this job would have been […] More

  • Volvo C30, V70R, S60R Exhaust Battle: Sibling Rivalry Part 2

    Volvo C30, V70R, S60R Exhaust Battle: Sibling Rivalry Part 2TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR BEST SOUNDING SHIFTING LANES VOLVO CLICK THIS LINK Sibling Rivalry Part 2 is upon us! Today we take our 3 Volvos out to find out which one sounds the best. See comments below to cast your vote for the best sounding […] More

  • Did The Volvo S60R Pass The Glove Test?

    Did The Volvo S60R Pass The Glove Test?The Glove Test is extremely easy to do and it’s a great way to check the health of your Volvo’s PCV system Click to subscribe!  In the previous video I crawled underneath and found some signs of an oil leak. You quickly commented that I should check the […] More

  • Volvo Straight Line Speed Test: Sibling Rivalry Part 1

    Volvo Straight Line Speed Test: Sibling Rivalry Part 1We all have project Volvos now so why not have a drag race? This is sibling rivalry part 1 with our V70R, C30, and S60R! Click to subscribe!  Let us know in the comments if you want to see more videos like this in the future. Should […] More

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